Saturday, 5 March 2011

Dear Friend

I have often thought about it,
But somehow I couldn’t find a solution,
Was I too harsh..?
Maybe, but now it seems too late.

          I have lost a friend,
          A friend too dear to me,
          Someone so true yet so deceiving,
          Someone so near yet so far.

We were once on top of the world,
Singing and dancing like’s it’s nobody’s business,
But now even when we come face to face,
We seem to be smiling,
But are actually crying inside.

          Maybe we made the wrong decision,
          Maybe we should’ve stayed as we were,
          ‘Happy and carefree’,
          But there are too many ‘maybes’,
          Maybe that’s why we made up our mind,
          Maybe it was the right decision.

I remember you were once my best friend,
Now, we are barely friends,
I sometimes wonder,
Was it your mistake or mine..?

          After all the ups and downs we went through,
          I realized one thing,
          It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong,
          But ‘are we ready to truly forgive..?’
          Are we ready to let go of the grunge and anger inside..?

No matter what you decide,
I have to tell you something true from my heart,
You made me, who I am today,
And I am very grateful for all you have done,
You will always be my best friend..

Bintang ni melambangkan cahaya persahabatan.. :)

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